Timeline: A Century of Women at MIT

WILG map

Hand drawn map of the location of WILG - the Women's Independent Living Group, circa 1977.


  • 1971 - Alexandra Zakak (SM X), first known Middle Eastern woman to receive a degree in Chemistry
  • 1972 - Ad Hoc Committee on the Role of Women at MIT is formed
  • 1973 - Centennial celebration of women at MIT
  • 1973 - MIT hosts Workshop on Women in Science and Technology
  • 1975 - Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff (PhD VII), first known Latinx woman to receive a PhD in Biology
  • 1976 - Women's Independent Living Group (WILG) is founded
  • 1979 - Dr. Jennie Patrick (ScD X), first known Black woman in the US to earn a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering
  • 1979 - The Ellen Swallow Richards Chair is created
Alexandra Zakak

Alexandra Zakak, circa 1970.

Lydia Villa Komaroff

Lydia Villa-Komaroff in laboratory, circa 1970.

Jennie Patrick

Jennie Patrick, undated.


Doris Lawson Eshun-Dadzie (SB '76), undated.